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No sooner had I posted my last entry when @fadingtoblack had posted a new blog entry answering — sort of — the question I’d just posed in Up the proverbial stream. In this post, they allude to a study on that states “researchers from the City University of London have found that at least 75 percent of revenue can be lost and Web traffic can actually fall when a newspaper moves from print and Web to Web-only.”

Aside from another reference to The Seattle Post-Intelligencer going online-only, the researchers also studied Finnish financial daily Taloussanomat, which has done the same. While the Finnish daily actually started to make money, largely because they’d allegedly been losing it for so long, some disturbing trends emerged that should give pause for anyone vested in good journalism. These namely included “a greater consumer focus, more sensational/celebrity stories and a shift away from original reporting.” No surprise, I suppose, but one has to wonder where we’re headed if print does indeed “go the way of the double ought,” as an editor I once worked under liked to say.

What concerned me even more, though, is that the researchers found that six months after going online-only, Taloussanomat “was no more innovative in their use of multimedia or user-generated content than sites with a print or broadcast parent.” Ouch. Reminds me of a debate I once had with some editors who insisted that all reporters should become proficient at video production. It’s doable but is it a wise use of their skills? But I digress.


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April 28, 2009 at 12:50 am

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