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We’ve all seen the obits for print media. The end is near, but never fear because journalism will live on. And how.

Journalists across the globe are scrambling to find the Next Big Thing. Nothing new. This is how we got pack journalism and now Twitter is giving us one more tool for the herd to follow the herd as someone put it online commentary responding to a Guardian piece.

A good friend of mine in the UK likes to skewer Twitter as the “bauble of the moment,” and he certainly has a point, but is it a completely daft idea? There have been reports of news and information breaking on Twitter and being very useful to people, ie, last year’s horrendous fires in southern California. And you have sites like Breaking Tweets distilling micronews into a useful stew of information.

Myself, I think Twitter is a useful channel of information and a great way to connect with people and glean ideas you might otherwise miss in media coverage, print or online, simply because there’s so much out there we can’t possibly hear every chirp.

That said, is a Twitter correspondent a wise use of resources? Is Sky News onto something or have they lost their baubles? Only time will tell, but for now at least one media organization doesn’t want to get beat on anything breaking in the so-called Twittersphere.


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April 14, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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