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This much we know

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Ok, so this much we know:

1) Newspapers are dying, at least in print form, some because they’re too far in debt to survive this economy, some because they’re mismanaged, some because they’re No. 2 in a multi-paper town and some because they suffer from a combination of those.

2) Everyone has a theory on how to save newspapers and none has been proven as the next bonafide publishing business model.

3) Most people in the newspaper business agree that print’s days are numbered. Well, that is except for some folks still toiling away at newspapers, where they’ve deluded themselves into thinking print will be around for a long, long time. And maybe it will. We just won’t have 7-day-a-week newspapers serving massive audiences, save for maybe USA Today and a couple others.

4) Just because print as we know it isn’t going to be around forever, doesn’t mean journalism is in jeopardy. Good journalism is happening all around the print industry. Print is often just too arrogant to acknowledge that.

5) It’s time for newspapers to start creating a roadmap to transition from their print-centric models to one that’s digital in nature. Actually, that time came and went a while ago but some papers are still in denial.

6) Nostalgia is not a business model. This isn’t my line. It’s from a great blog, Missing the Link. You should read it, especially the post that line came from.

7) There’s more, a lot more to say on this subject. 



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April 2, 2009 at 11:45 pm

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  1. I loved the quote “Nostalgia is not a growth model”. We are at a pivot point with media in general. The newspapers are scared s*%tless of giving up their control. It is astonishing that traditional newspapers have been so ignorant of what their consumers desire. They are supposed to be reporting the news, did they not report on internet news sources? Did they think that things would always be the same? Any business that wants to remain profitable, needs to honestly and continually monitor their bottom line. Subscriptions have been falling. If I was a publisher I would have been reaching out to my customers asking them what I could do to keep them. Sadly I think newspapers have forgotten that people have choices. I think the tribe has spoken.


    April 4, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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